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Vandana Singh

Vandana Singh was born and raised in India. She grew up hearing stories, legends and village lore from her mother and paternal grandmother, which profoundly affected her view of reality. Later she obtained a Ph.D in Physics and had a brief career as a researcher --- all of which confirmed her suspicion that the universe is a very strange place.

Presently she lives in the United States and devotes all of her free time (which is to say, not much time at all) to writing science fiction and fantasy. She likes to draw from her experience as an Indian, a woman, and a scientist to address such questions as identity, gender, culture, science and society, exile, and otherness. Vandana also volunteers with a South Asian women's group that assists Asian victims of domestic violence, and works with a collective of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women striving for peace in the subcontinent. Her other passions include Indian classical music, protecting the environment, teaching science to young children, and spoiling her family. This is Vandana Singh's first published story.

You can read more about her on her website at http://lekha.home.mindspring.com

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