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Timalyne Frazier

Timalyne Frazier won her first writing award sometime around age of 10 in a Cricket Magazine contest for a story titled "How the Winds Were Named." The story begins (including spelling errors), "Bobby, a gentle Nantucket quaker boy at age forteen Sighned on a whaling ship with his parents permision."

After graduating from Marlboro College and earning a BA in Literature and Creative Writing, she placed third in the Playboy Fiction Contest for her story "Illustrating the Woman". Additionally, Timalyne received an Honorable Mention in the Asimov's Undergraduate Fiction Contest for "Burning in the Montage" (first published in Tomorrow SF in 1997 in the last paper issue).

Timalyne attended a Warren Wilson MFA residency the summer of 1994. And in 1995, she received the Susan Petry award and attended Clarion Writers' Workshop (West) (along with her father, Robert Frazier, and she may be the only parent and child to have attended Clarion--many years apart, however).

Timalyne lives with her husband, daughter, and 3 cats in Marlboro, Vermont.

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