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Kit Reed

Kit Reed’s next novel is Thinner Than Thou, about a diet evangelist in body-conscious America, where physical perfection is the new religion. Her novel @expectations (Forge, 2000), which The New York Times Book Review describes as “a poignant new novel about love, life and loss in the age of the Internet” is now available in paperback. Her previous novels include Captain Grownup, Fort Privilege, Catholic Girls, J. Eden, and Little Sisters of the Apocalypse.

As Kit Craig she is the author of Gone, Twice Burned and other psychological thrillers. Her books Weird Women, Wired Women and Little Sisters of the Apocalypse were finalists for the Tiptree Prize. Of the short fiction, The New York Times Book Review says, “most of these stories shine with the incisive edginess of brilliant cartoons...they are less fantastic than visionary.”

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