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Honna Swenson

Honna Swenson was born and raised in Southern California where she spent most of her time on the soccer field playing defense for a premier womens team, both nationally and internationally. She has temporarily hung up her cleats, however, upon becoming the proud new mother of her son, Orion Swenson, born April 29th, 2002.

For the past 12 years, she’s made her home in Washington where she met husband Patrick. Together they edit and publish the small press magazine, Talebones. When she’s not being mommy or working full-time as manager for an optometric clinic, she messes around with her novel in progress: “Fixing the Girl.”

This is her first professional sale.

About “Animal Attributes,” Swenson says, “This story came about from dialogue that slammed into my head one night when I was almost asleep. I grabbed my micro-cassette recorder and recorded away. Long after the story had been written, I rediscovered those taped notes and heard myself barely awake, trying to tell this story before I crashed completely.”

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