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Paradise Passed
To Ryan Hughes, the trip to Alpha Centauri had been his whole life. He had been eight years old when they left, but his memory of life on Earth and the year on Spacehome before the trip started had all but disappeared for lack of shipboard reminders. He had grown up on the ship; he liked it there; the immense void between stars was part of his life--but other people weren't so lucky. The colonists developed many different ways of coping with the uncertainty of the voyage; some even got religion. Finding one habitable planet should be cause for celebration onboard Daedalus, but finding two such planets could rend the crew, and its families, apart.

"Jerry Oltion pulls off a miracle that's rare in this genre -- at the same time, he writes great science stories with people in them ... and he also writes great people stories with science in them. His work is always a pleasure to read."
- Kevin J. Anderson

"Oltion employs a no-nonsense, hearty, irrepressible style to convey an optimistic vision of mankind's potentials and future, and if that's not the essence of science fiction, then I'm not sure what is!"
- Paul Di Filippo

Jerry Oltion is the author of Abandon in Place, The Getaway Special, and the forthcoming Anywhere But Here, plus several Star Trek books and over a hundred short stories. He won the Nebula award in 1997 for the novella version of Abandon in Place. He lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his wife Kathy, who also writes science fiction.

Paradise Passed
ISBN: 0-9755903-2-4

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