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Greetings From Lake Wu


About Jay Lake...

"You can always count on a kind of gutsy vitality in the stories of Jay Lake. This is fiction that isn't afraid to get its hands dirty."

- Ray Vukcevich

"I liked Jay a lot before I read his stories. Hes smart, funny, and wildly imaginative. His drive to write has no brakes. He has spent a lot of time in Mongolia, and has the hat to prove it. He bakes cookies. He recycles paper. He tells very bad jokes.

"It was only after I read his stories that I worried about being alone with him. Somewhere in his childhood, he ODed on religious literature and dogma, and he's been secreting it from various orifices ever since. He does things with clowns and angels that make you scared of what might be around the next corner, and the way people treat each other in his stories is terrifying.

"Jay brings a radically varied palette of life experience and a scary brilliance to his work. This stuff is weird. Enjoy."

- Nina Kiriki Hoffman

"...marvelous: stylish, sustained, an impish tour de force."

- Nicholas Gevers, LOCUS, April 2002, reviewing "The Courtesy of Guests" in BONES OF THE WORLD

"The Goat Cutter" is one of Jay Lake's most striking stories: wildly inventive, complex, and infused with the power to lead me through an uncomfortable journey I will not easily forget."

- Leslie What

About Frank Wu...

"Frank Wu lives in a dimension all his own that I like to call the Wu-verse. The Wu-verse is not quite like yours and mine. Reality is a little skewed: every color is brighter; every song gets at least an 85 for danceability; every thought is a chance for a cool idea. "Greetings from Lake Wu" is a travel guide to the Wu-verse. Why does Frank get such a cool dimension all to himself? That's easy. Frank knows. He knows that the magical is real and the real is magical. If you keep that in mind I guarantee you'll split off into your own dimension of coolness in no time. But for now, feel free to hang out in Frank's. He's a great host."

- Lori Ann White, award-winning author


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